DiveLog is a very simple yet flexible electronic dive log and dive analyzer.

DiveLog lets you download profiles from the recording device ReefNet Sensus Pro. (Support for more devices to be adding in coming versions) Divers can analyze every aspect of their profile from the shape of ascent to gradient factors and oxygen loading. You can easily keep track of your dive statistics, and also export your dives to assist with planning or to share with dive buddies; this feature also allows you to send your dives to GUE HQ when renewing your GUE certification. DiveLog is now available for Windows (98 through 7). DiveLog costs $15 as a stand-alone application.

Please note that DiveLog has its own troubleshooting/FAQ page available for additional support and information.

Attention: Dive Log is a Java-based application. The current version is Windows-only. Before installing either Dive Log or GMP, you must have the (free) Java Runtime Environment installed on your system. Go to Sun's Java.com to download the JRE for your computer before attempting to install the GUE Java-based programs.

When your purchase is complete your file will appear in your "My account" section (accessed from your personal menu on the right). In your account page, click the "Files" tab and download your file. (And save it to a safe place!)