Quest Vol 19, No 4

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Quest Vol 19, No 4

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The Importance of Hydration during Diving
T. Dow, Ph.D.

Sinkhole Heaven
N. Gibb

The GUE Scientific Diver Class: Closing the Gap between Conservation and Dive Training
D. Paulo

The Underwater Fossils of Australia: Ice Age Megafauna from Mt. Gambier
J. Louys, Ph.D.

Balancing Efficiency and Safety in Professional Diving Film Production
S. Kas



Equipment & Training:
Location, Location, Location

J. Bernot

GUE-BE Project Westhinder: Documenting and 3D Modeling a Lightship Wreck


Project Baseline Lake Pupuke: A Case Study for Effective Citizen

E. Hussain

Twenty-Five Years Later: Techniques and Lessons Learned While Looking for Cenotes

S. Meacham