Quest 11.4

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Quest 11.4

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The Discovery of Hoyo Negro
By A. Alvarez, F. Attolini, A. Nava

The Solomon’s Place in History
By E. Eriksson

Christmas in the Dark:
Paglugaban Cave

By J. Mellor

Dive Exploration Projects in New Zealand
By J. Obern

Lily Beneath the Waves:
The Wreck of the Waome

By T. Irvine



Equipment & Training:
Evolution of the Species

A. Marrasich

Alien Invaders! Why and How Plants Invade
and the Consequences We Face

K. Powell

Are Gardens Really Natural?

D. E. W. Fenner, Ph.D

Fitness & Physiology:
The HMT Marquette

N. Vasilatos