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Project Description: 2017 Alviela Project
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Required Certification Level: GUE Fundamentals
Date: September 16, 2017 - September 24, 2017
Organizer:Ricardo Constantino
Applied/Registered: 1/7 (Please contact the project organizer to verify any empty spots before paying the registration fee.)
Additional info: Alviela is one of the major caves in Portugal, and has been the target of an organized GUE project since 2007. GUE Cave divers, and GUE friends join the project to survey, document, explore, help with logistics and thus contribute to the study of this important cave system. The Portuguese Speleological Society (SPE - has been studying the caves in this Karst area for over 60 years, and many of the data collected goes directly to the scientists desks for analysis and interpretation.
In September 2017 we have temperature loggers to collect and redeploy, survey of some of the passages, and video and photo of some important sections. This project is open to GUE Cave1 or higher divers, and non cave divers alike who would like to get exposed to a project environment and make a contribution - all help is needed.

Contact for more information and to reserve your space!

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