Dear GUE Community,

Global Underwater Explorers is excited to announce the launch of, GUE’s new video learning site that features a wide variety of educational content you can use to work on fundamental skills, prepare for an upcoming class, or just feel more comfortable and capable in the water. The site’s ever-growing library of videos ranges from dry runs and lectures to in-water demos and GUE Project documentaries that aim to bring scuba concepts, skills, and inspiration right into the homes of both new and experienced divers.

We believe that by making training accessible while still adhering to GUE’s core principles, can help you unlock your diving potential by easing anxiety, enhancing class readiness, aiding skill maintenance, and providing insight into what kinds training you want to pursue next. However, we should be clear in saying that video learning is not meant to replace the skilled in-person guidance of a GUE Instructor.

For a flat monthly rate, you’ll get access to all of the top-quality content you’d expect from GUE, viewable on virtually any internet-capable device. We know you’ll love it, but we’re still offering a 3-day free trial just in case you’re not sure if is for you. There’s no obligation and you can cancel any time. Additionally, if you have an active GUE membership by December 23 you receive 50% off of your first month's subscription as a thank you for your support. You can find your code in your My Membership Benefits section of, or by emailing if it is not available there.

The power to step up your diving is now in your hands no matter where you are. We can’t wait to see what you can do.

Safe diving,

The Team
Global Underwater Explorers HQ