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Classes I teach:
Discover Diving
Recreational Supervised Diver
Recreational Diver 1 - Nitrox
Recreational Diver 2 - Triox
Recreational Diver 3 - Trimix
GUE Fundamentals
Doubles Diver
Drysuit Diver
Triox Primer
Navigation Primer
Rescue Primer
DPV Diver 1
Documentation Diver
Photogrammetry Diver
Gas Blender
Cave Diver 1
Triox Cave Upgrade
Technical Diver 1
Tech 60
Technical Diver 2
CCR Diver
Recreational Dive Leader

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John Kendall

CB24 8SA
United Kingdom

Mobile phone: +44 (0) 7798 523110


  • GUE Instructor.
  • Commercial UAV Pilot,


  • BA(2000) Electrical and Information Science, University of Cambridge, UK

Diving Qualifications

  • Cave 1 Instructor GUE
  • Tech 1, 2 Instructor GUE
  • JJ-CCR Instructor GUE
  • Fundamentals Instructor + Instructor Trainer GUE
  • Rec 1, 2, 3 Instructor+ Instructor Trainer GUE
  • Gas Blending Instructor + Instructor Trainer GUE
  • Photogrammetry Instructor + Instructor Evaluator GUE
  • DPV Instructor GUE
  • Documentation Diver Instructor GUE
  • Tech 2+, Cave 2, RB80, JJ-CCR GUE

Diving Experience

  • Diving since 1993
  • 3000+ dives
  • 1500+ wreck dives
  • 1200+ Trimix dives
  • 900+ Cave Dives
  • 400+ Cave DPV dives
  • 300+ Rebreather Dives

Community Involvement

  • Survey Diver on St George Survey Project, Monvalent, France
  • Project manager for Project Baseline Malta
  • Project Diver - Project Baseline Mediteranian Panarea III
  • Member of GUE-UK
  • Member of WKPP
  • Presented the DIR-UK Unknown Sailing Ship project to the GUE conference in Budapest 2007
  • Founding member of Tekcamp Instructional Team

Special interests

  • 3D Photogrammetry of archaeological sites.


  • Primary Author of GUE Gas Blender class
  • Primary Author of GUE Photogrammetry class (forthcoming)
  • Part of the team who developed the GUE Recreational Level 1 class.
  • Quest 17.2 - The GUE/Project Baseline Lost Islands Project


  • English

Additional Info

John is an avid diving adventurer and explorer. He loves to explore and document interesting dive sites, especially those with archaeological or geological significance. Although based in the UK, John travels worldwide to teach GUE classes. He enjoys the process of helping divers become the best that they can.

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