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Classes I teach:
Discover Diving
Recreational Supervised Diver
Recreational Diver 1 - Nitrox
Recreational Diver 2 - Triox
Recreational Diver 3 - Trimix
GUE Fundamentals
Doubles Diver
Drysuit Diver
Navigation Primer
Rescue Primer
Triox Primer
DPV Diver 1
Documentation Diver
Gas Blender
Technical Diver 1
Tech 60
Technical Diver 2
CCR Diver
Recreational Dive Leader

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Graham Blackmore

UK or Asia

Mobile phone: +44 7588 757570


  • Distributor for Halcyon and DUI in SE Asia


  • BSc 1995 Marine and Freshwater Biology, University of London
  • PhD 1998 Marine Ecology, University of Hong Kong

Diving Qualifications

  • GUE IE
  • EFR instructor
  • IANTD Trimix Instructor

Diving Experience

  • 2500+ dives, Tech diving for 20 years with on average 100 beyond recreational dives per year (best year ever was 283 with a full time job)

Special interests

  • Marine Biology and most importantly making diving more fun and easier

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