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Seungchul Oh

209dong1008ho 47, Heojun-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Phone: 82 10 7755 5370
Mobile phone: 82 10 7755 5370


  • Trim & balance is my company


  • Dong-kuk university

Diving Qualifications

  • CMAS Technical Trainer
  • CMAS cave Trainer
  • GUE Fundamantals INS
  • GUE Docment INS
  • GUE TECH 2
  • PSAI Megalodon Air Diluent Diver

Diving Experience

  • 1.Cave exploration Jeju and Yeongwol in Korera.
  • 2.Government projects of national and regional development involved the exploration islands.
  • 3.Sewol ferry investigation and salvage operation involved 4.Korean Scuba gear “EAST SEA” Development and production. (Dry suit)

Community Involvement

  • KUE

Special interests

  • Ski, yacht


  • korean


  • korean, english

Additional Info

I was very interested in cave diving and technical diving so I joined IANTD and TDI for learn technical diving. But I felt a deep sense of revulsion that insecure diving skill and does not proceed technical diving in Korea
2008 When I got GUE fundamental course in 2008, I begin scuba diving buniss as professional.
And then, I got GUE tech 1 course, tech 2 course and cave 1 course
Exploration points to a technical diving in South Korea

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