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Course Title Date Location Instructor
Technical Diver 2January 30, 2018Dahab, EgyptMario Arena
Technical Diver 2February 10, 2018Sharm, Janub Sina', EgyptAntonio Bresciani
Technical Diver 2February 18, 2018Anilao, PhilippinesGideon Liew
Technical Diver 2March 3, 2018Bergamo, ItalyAntonio Bresciani
Technical Diver 2March 18, 2018Kralendijk, Guy Shockey
Technical Diver 2May 1, 2018Sharm El Sheick, EgyptAntonio Bresciani
Technical Diver 2May 1, 2018Krnica, Croatia (Hrvatska)Mario Arena
Technical Diver 2May 10, 2018Sharm El Sheick, Janub Sina', EgyptAntonio Bresciani
Technical Diver 2May 10, 2018PERPIGNAN, FranceMario Arena
Technical Diver 2May 14, 2018Portofino, ItalyBruno Borelli
Technical Diver 2May 22, 2018Seattle, Washington, United StatesGuy Shockey
Technical Diver 2May 27, 2018krnica, Istria county, Croatia (Hrvatska)Mario Arena
Technical Diver 2July 14, 2018Hurghada, EgyptGuy Shockey
Technical Diver 2July 30, 2018Dive Centre Bondi, New South Wales, AustraliaLiam Allen
Technical Diver 2August 19, 2018Krnica, Istria county, Croatia (Hrvatska)Mario Arena
Technical Diver 2October 8, 2018Portofino, ItalyBruno Borelli

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