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Course Title Date Location Instructor
DPV Diver 1January 3, 2018Torri del Benaco, Verona, ItalyStefano Gualtieri
DPV Diver 1January 12, 2018Fort Worth, Texas, United StatesJason Wright
DPV Diver 1February 12, 2018Dahab, Janub Sina', EgyptSameh Sokar
DPV Diver 1February 17, 2018Kailua-Kona (Big Island), Hawaii, United StatesMeredith Tanguay
DPV Diver 1March 1, 2018Oslo, NorwayAnnika Persson
DPV Diver 1March 3, 2018Dive Centre Bondi, New South Wales, AustraliaLiam Allen
DPV Diver 1March 21, 2018Puerto Galera, PhilippinesGideon Liew
DPV Diver 1March 30, 2018Schwetzingen, Baden-W�rttemberg, GermanyHans Drexler
DPV Diver 1March 30, 2018Cabo de Palos, SpainRicardo Constantino
DPV Diver 1April 7, 2018High Springs, Florida, United StatesMeredith Tanguay
DPV Diver 1April 13, 2018Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanySven Nelles
DPV Diver 1April 14, 2018Lapu-Lapu City, PhilippinesHeison Chak
DPV Diver 1April 27, 2018Castellamare Del Golfo, Trapani, ItalyNiccolo Crespi
DPV Diver 1April 28, 2018Stockholm, SwedenOlof Hettinger
DPV Diver 1May 20, 2018Krnica, Croatia (Hrvatska)JP Bresser
DPV Diver 1June 2, 2018Hemmoor, Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyMaren Isigkeit
DPV Diver 1June 4, 2018Neufeldersee, AustriaIrene Homberger
DPV Diver 1June 15, 2018Portofino, ItalyBruno Borelli
DPV Diver 1August 6, 2018Dykcentrum Gullmarsfjorden, SwedenAnnika Persson
DPV Diver 1September 15, 2018Dive Centre Bondi, New South Wales, AustraliaLiam Allen

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