Ox Bel Ha - Jun 27


Dive Team: Danny & Franco

Surface support: Fred Devos

Dive site

Name: Yax Chen
Coordinate: WGS84 UTM 451245 2226084

Conditions: The water clarity in the Yax Chen basin wasn’t exceptionally brilliant. There was heavy rain earlier on for a few days. This has affected the visibility tremendously especially downstream from the Yax Chen basin.

Dive Objectives:
  1. Re-survey old Gary Walten line. This line is supposed to connect Yax Chen East to Ox Bel Ha.
Summary of results:
  1. Re-survey completed ok around the L-Shape Cenote. This line confirms the link between OBH and YC east. OBH has now over 100 miles of surveyed cave passageways (539, 080 ft).
Possible follow up:
  1. More exploration in the YC area. This is a big cave with interesting features and tremendous potential for future exploration.
Comments/observation: The connection between OBH and YC was done back in 1998 by Gary Walten and re-connected in the last Dec project by Danny, Mark and Beto. This connection re-enforce the fact that good survey is a priority in order to validate any exploration work.

Line name:Connector
Passage width (meters):2
Passage Height (meters):2
Passage Shape:Phreatic tube –
Fauna:Isopod - shrimp
Sediment:Red & Brown – organic -
Water:Slightly tannic – Hydrogen sulfide-
Additional Comments: /
Equipment and Survey:2 x EAN 32 stages and 1 x 33amp + 1 x 24amp scooter per diver.

Dive log:
Dive # 1
Time in: 10h45
Time out: 12h30
Total run time:165 minutes
Max Depth: 45 ft
Av Depth: 30 ft
Divers:Danny & Franco

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